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Life: A Grand Play

I see life as a grand play, a captivating drama unfolding on the stage of existence. Each of us are actors in that play. Without consulting us we are assigned our roles in life. Some of us will act in a short drama, while others in a long one. We might be assigned the part of a poor person, a cripple, a distinguished celebrity or public leader, or an ordinary private citizen. We are immersed in a narrative filled with joy, sorrow, triumphs, and challenges. Death playing the role of the ultimate exit.

The opening scene is filled with anticipation, excitement, and the promise of endless possibilities. As the play unfolds, characters come and go. Friendships, love stories, and family bonds create the intricate web of all the relationships that define the essence of the play. These relationships become the heart of the play.

But what happens when an integral character exits our play prematurely?

With every exit comes the emotional aftermath of grief. Every exit brings about profound sadness. Grief becomes the force that shapes the way the remaining characters will experience the ongoing play of life. All characters of the play struggle to comprehend the reality of the exit. There is the desperate hope that our loved one will reappear on the stage of life. Each exit is marked by a surreal sense of disbelief. No matter how much we want to stop it, the play continues.

As the play continues, grief reaches its climax. The upcoming scenes are filled with tears, heartache, and an overwhelming sense of emptiness. All the characters are left feeling the void of the departed one. Some characters will transform their grief into a bittersweet acceptance of life. While other characters will struggle with the depths of grief never understanding or accepting the exits that happen.

In the grand production of life, death serves as the inevitable exit. We have no control on which characters will exit the play and when. We have no control on how those exits will impact our lives. Some of us move on while some of us struggle to move on and give an impeccable performance. We are not able to decide when we will exit the play. The play does it for us. The play ends up taking each one of us by the hand forcing us to continue with this play till its our time to exit....

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