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Lessons Learnt…

These are some of the things I’ve learnt along the way….

Time doesn’t heal - you learn to live with your pain, and your grief becomes your path to transformation.

Losing Lilly has caused PTSD which is triggered easily.

Every joyful moment now becomes bitter-sweet. Everytime I experience something great I want to share it with her. I have to find peace with knowing she’s seeing these moments from a different place.

Grief makes those around you uncomfortable.

Other people’s heartbreak for you will heal. Yours won’t, and coping with that realization is hard. I would never wish this on someone else, but I wish people could comprehend the pain I’m going through.

You don’t get a break! There isn’t a moment of pause. Once your grieving switch is on, it doesn’t really get switched off despite good days and distractions.

Finding a spiritual connection with your loved one helps. I truly believe Lilly contacts me through signs, symbols, and messages. I hear her, I see her and I feel her. It’s just in a different way.

My advice - honor those that have past, because they are so very much alive. Lilly resides in another realm. One free of pain, suffering, and separation.

Lalla - I am grateful for the miracles that you continue to deliver each and every day. Love you eternally xoxoxo

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